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SLG Business Description
The Foreign National Market
Strenghts, Core Competencies

Sierra Lending Group, LLC (the Company) is an independent, financial services Portfolio Lender.

We originate and service a full line of Foreign National and Alt “A” mortgage banking products and services throughout Texas.

The Sierra mission is to serve our clients with their mortgage needs and to deliver those services with the highest standard of customer service, value, and trust.

The Company’s Principals have a proven track record in mortgage banking and real estate lending – specifically to high-net-worth foreign nationals.


While the Mexican foreign national real estate market has been strong for some time.

Recent economic and security concerns have significantly increased the number of high net worth individuals seeking to buy second homes in the United States for themselves and their extended families.

Texas’ proximity to Mexico, it's bicultural population, and its stable real estate market have made it the premier home buying state for the many foreign nationals seeking a second home in the United States.


The Company’s rapid underwriting decision process, extensive network of real estate agents / mortgage originators, and excellent reputations enable the Company to quickly (and more efficiently) execute its business compared to our competition.

The Company’s Organizers have over 50 years’ collective experience in serving the Hispanic markets.

Conservative Underwriting Standards.

Ability to quickly adapt to market changes.

Management team has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the rapid changes that have occurred recently in the financial services market by recognizing opportunities / weaknesses and delivering applicable products, pricing, and underwriting guidelines.

Company Profile...

Sometimes being different makes all the difference. As one the fastest growing financial instiutions in Texas to date, Sierra Lenging Group, LLC is proving that, particularly in a complex market, innovation can lead to the best possible experience...

Co-founded five years ago by 50-year financial industry veterans, Sierra Lending Group. LLC operation has grown over 30% in the last year.

Unlike the traditional banking model, Sierra Lending Group, LLC unique structure allows the mortgage broker greater freedom and more success in running their own business.

The consumer benefits from the Sierra Lending Group LLC model since the broker is unencumbered by large banks protocols and free to exert more control over their own marketing and advertising techniques and budgets.

The company prides itself on being a "yes" environment, where all of its brokers are on the same level playing field and given equal access to resources and opportunities.

Exceptional Management

The firm’s progressive approach has caught the attention of brokers, homeowners, renters,

and even the mainstream media.

Companies exceptional management style and top executive different backgrounds complement each another.

Sierra Lending Group, LLC's mission of helping brokers grow their own businesses while serving the consumer has proven smart in Texas.

Hands-on guidance is a hallmark of the Sierra Lending Group, LLC experience.

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